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    Welcome to my new blog, I decided that I would change to Posts dated before March 27, 2008 are imported from my old blogger site. I was looking for a blog that is easily navigated around, and simple to update, I love the layout I can have here, with 2 side bars and tabs at the top for different subjects. I currently have an about me tab and a photography tab, Ill be looking to add recipes, and craft ideas shortly, so check back in to see what’s new regularly!
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How I Removed Yellow Tack / Blue Tack / Wall Tack Residue From My Walls

Posted by MWPA on April 9, 2009

Being that I live in a rented apartment, I did not want to stick lots of holes in my walls to display the photos of my friends and family that I like to have on display, so armed with some yellow tacky stuff a blank wall and a whole bunch of photos I decorated the office wall.  Today I decided I wanted to re arrange the photos and put them into 5×7 frames that I just purchased from walmart for $1.50 each, So I took down all the photos, carefully took the tack off the wall with out removing the paint only to find greasy yellow stains on the wall where the tack had been.

So after a quick Google search to see what other people use to remove the residue I found that most people had used an oil based paint to paint over it-that was something I did not want to do so after some more searching I found someone suggesting nail varnish or paint thinner. So I decided I may as well try the nail varnish to see how that works and if it messes up the wall I have to repaint it anyway to remove all the grease marks.

Using a ball of cotton wool dampened with the nail varnish remove I dabbed it on to the dirty mark, nothing happened, so then I tried rubbing a little bit, and I saw the paint start to come off the wall. So all I actually needed to do was dab the spot then using light pressure rub over the spot in different directions and the paint removed from the spot removed the grease mark.  I would imagine it is easy to over do this and end up with a streaky wall, so you have to be careful doing this!

If you tried this method or know of a better way to remove the greasy marks leave me a comment to let me know what you did!


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