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Work today…

Posted by MWPA on April 15, 2009

When I am at work I enjoy what I do, but as I have had four days off in a row, I have very little motivation to go to work this evening, especially as it is only a 5 and half hour shift. At least today the weather is dull so I dont feel like I am missing out on a beautiful day!

I did get up on time (10.30am) and walk my neigbours dog, I then set up a photography blog that will be linked to my website Rachel Clare Photography, The Blog so that i can update potential clients and show them what I am about. I am really trying to think of ways to market my self so I can get more clients which will inturn allow me to build my portfolio.

I cant wait for my business cards to arrive, I ordered them from Moo using my photographs for the image on the card, I also ordered some post cards to see how they turned out, I will be reviewing them once they arrive, and I will add pictures to show you what they look like.


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