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    Welcome to my new blog, I decided that I would change to Posts dated before March 27, 2008 are imported from my old blogger site. I was looking for a blog that is easily navigated around, and simple to update, I love the layout I can have here, with 2 side bars and tabs at the top for different subjects. I currently have an about me tab and a photography tab, Ill be looking to add recipes, and craft ideas shortly, so check back in to see what’s new regularly!
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RIP Romeo.

Posted by MWPA on February 16, 2009

romeo-001Romeo was one of the cats at the shelter where I volunteer at, He was diagnosed with Kidney failure last week, unfortunately he was unresponsive to his meds so today was taken to be put to sleep.
He was a great cat with a unique personality he had a few missing teeth so his tongue often hung out of his mouth which made him look even cuter. He was a semi permanent resident at our no kill shelter, as people dont like adopting older cats…
so RIP Romeo.


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Whats New?

Posted by MWPA on September 22, 2008


I was MVP of the month at work (most valuable person), I am thinking I was awarded it because I was the only person in my department who didn’t cal out sick…or have a car that broke!

So far I am still enjoying working at Best Buy, and I am looking forward to the crazy holiday shopping period, I am expecting to work lots of hours and get little time off. We have Black Friday, which is the craziest shopping day of the year due to it being a sale day, all the shops open early and sell almost everything at a sale price. lines start forming very very early in the morning for all the stores! that day is certainly going to be busy!

The Cat Corner has been busy with Kitten season all through the summer, and we have lots of kittens that need to find new homes, they are all lovely, but I would never adopt a kitten, as they are way to crazy and demanding. Mellow who is two years old is still extremely demanding-waking us up at 5 in the morning and if we shut him out of the bedroom he cry’s for at least 30 minutes demanding to be let back in the bedroom. I don’t mind him being in the bedroom or on the bed, but I object to him using his feet and claws to poke me to wake me up just so I can give him attention!

I am trying to train Mellow not to jump on my computer desk, which he does every time i get on my computer, he does it because he knows he will get attention, so now when he jumps up I put him on my lap and rub his head, he isn’t really a lap cat so he doesn’t really like being on me but he purrs and will stay off my desk if I have him on my lap. It is the only time he will tolerate being on a lap for a long period of time.

I have three days off this week which is nice, today, Wednesday and Saturday, Wednesday I am probably going to the movies with Elizabeth-a girl I work with, and today I am cleaning. Saturday I have The Cat Corner in the morning and then I get to relax before going to work on Sunday. As Christmas gets closer and my hours at work get longer I am cutting down my Cat Corner volunteering, I wil only be doing every other week, so I am able to get some rest.


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Too many kittens!

Posted by MWPA on September 15, 2008

At the Cat Corner-the shelter that I volunteer at, we have so  many kittens at the moment, kitten season is definatly still here, with 8 kittens dropped off just this week, we are now completely full and can not take any more cats. The cats are just left on by the front door. Abandoning your cat like that is illegal in Virginia, if you cant care for your animal you must take it to the SPCA or contact Animal control. You should never just abandon a cat or other pet.

Here is a picture of Oprah, she is 6 weeks old and under weight. Her and her siblings cry for attention most of the time, as you can see she is very laid back and comfortable in

my arms, she was sleeping until we got the camera out…

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Whats up?

Posted by MWPA on July 28, 2008

The cat above is Siren, I took the picture for the Cat Corner’s website, she is about 8 years old, and is very pretty, she has a funny personality, she is protective of other cats and if one is upset, like if you are clipping another cats claws she will come along and attack you to tell you to stop upsetting the cat!

I seem to be working 5 days a week a the moment, the shifts vary, we open at 10 so the earliest I ever have to start work is 930. The latest we stay open is 10, so the latest i should work to is 1030, I am hoping I wont have to work to many ‘close’ shifts. On Saturday I worked to 1030 and then drove to meet Will and we ended up not getting home til gone 12.00 I still volunteer at the cat shelter on Saturday mornings so I spent the morning working cleaning cat poop and then I came home had a 45 minute nap and went to work.

So far I am enjoying working at BestBuy, Its not to repetative which is nice. I still have a lot to learn but I think I am getting there, I think. I now have my name bage but am awaiting my blue shirt which is the uniform. It seems that my size is out of stock, so I have to wait a little bit longer before I blend in a little bit more.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have the answer from the insurance company to let us know if our car is being totalled if it is we have to decide what cars to buy, we will be etting two, one car that could be daily driver and project for will and maybe a slightly more practical car for me.

I will keep you updated…..

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Eugh Rainy Day

Posted by MWPA on July 14, 2008

Yesterday was my first day at Best Buy, I think it went well, in the morning they had a big staff meeting with all the employes, its very strange to see so many people working at once, as I am used to  working with maybe 15 or 20 other employees not 50. I worked properly in the afternoon on the customer service desk, I mainly shadowed one of the senior employees, once I was set up on the computer I served two customers myself and then it was time to go home.

I was so tired when I got home, mainly for not sleeping well the night before, but also from getting up very early. so once I was home i had a nap, but then woke up with a head ache, so I was not very with it for the rest of the evening, I had an early night and felt refreshed this morning.

Its been rather a grey and dismal day today, really warm and humid with lots of rain showers so I decided we needed comfort food for dinner. This evening I made Chicken noodle soup, It was really easy, I boil a couple of chicken breasts then pulled them appart with two forks, I used a big heavy pan and melted some butter and added an onion a clove of garlic and carrots, I let them sweat together in the pan. once they had cooked for about 20 minutes on a low heat i added half a cup of milk and 4 cups of water i brought it to a boil and added two chicken stock cubes. I added the chicken back in to the pot and boiled until carrots were tender. I added the pasta and boiled for a further 10 minutes, then served it up with a home made roll. I did add Brussels sprouts to mine-but left them out of the main pot as Will doesn’t like them. It seems that spreading the chicken makes the chicken stretch further so we eat less and save money! We defiantly have enough food for tomorrow, I even made giant chocolate chip cookie for desert, and it was YUM!!!!!

This is Blackie, one of the cats at the cat shelter, I always find it hard to take pictures of black cats, so I was particularly pleased when this picture came out well.

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First Day of Work Tomorrow!

Posted by MWPA on July 12, 2008

Tomorrow is my first day at Best Buy, I start at 8 and shift ends at 4, we have the morning meeting before we start, and then I have a day of learning! My uniform is a blue polo shirt with some tan coloured pants (trousers), the polo shirt is being ordered by Best Buy so until that arrives I am wearing a white polo shirt, we have to suply our own pants (trousers).

I cant believe how hard it was to find a white polo shirt of a reasonable pirce that wasnt skin tight! It seems that all female casual clothes are designed to be figure hugging, which I wouldnt generally mind, but for work, the were not suitable. I ended up having to buy a size large (and I am definatly not a size large).

I dont think I have ever spent a longer time in our local mall trying to find suitable work clothes! even the pants were not easy to find, there are so many different versions of the colour tan its unbelivable. I need a pant size that is inbetween regular and short, neither length fits correctly, so I have to but shoes with a heel which I was trying to avoid as Ill be on my feet alot. The pants I bought were in the last shop I went in, and I was about to give up, New York and Company had lots that might have been suitable, I finally decided and was about to get in line to check out, when I saw some hanging on the sale rack, I looked and found my size, they fit the best out of all the pants I tried on and although they are a little bit to long, a one inch heel works fine with them. The best thing about them the were marked for $36.95 to $8.00! so they were a bargain.

I did my volunteering today at the cat shelter, we had an English Lady come in, although her circumstances were sad, she had four cats that needed new homes and we couldnt help her as we are full and we can get in trouble with the counci if we have too many cats. she was very upset, and obviously having some troubles. I hope she can find a home for ther kitties. We had a new volunteer come in today too, she seems like she is going to be a hard worker, and very helpful to have around.

After the Cat Corner I came home and had a nap, I didnt want to  sleep long, just long enough to feel refreshed enough to have a tidy up tonight and make rolls so I can take a packed lunch to work.

So now Im relaxing in front of a movie, Will has gone out, I stayed at home as I cant go to bed late tonight! Mellow is wanting to play with his toys, and is upset I am ignoring him, he is also upset that I took the moth outside that was chasing!

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Posted by MWPA on June 8, 2008

This thing came at me across the living room floor after Will went to bed, I had to be brave and fast to catch it. I think its some sort of cricket. it was walking when I first spotted it and I thought it was a huge spider. As I put the glass over it, it did start jumping, its body was about 2 inches long…I think it may be going to the bathroom too.

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Posted by MWPA on May 7, 2008

I volunteered at the cat corner from 11 til 2 today. By the time I arrived there wasn’t to much to do, just some mopping and sweeping, and the feeding of the cats, just as we thought we were nearly done, the phone rang to say the delivery of cat litter was on its way, so in the 80 degree heat we unloaded the van full of cat litter. After lifting 10 containers, the containers seemed to get heavier and heavier.

At the moment we have two kittens, they are very fluffy and cute, so I felt I should try and get a couple of pictures of them, I thought if I placed them in a basket, they would look extra cute. I think the idea has potential, how ever with me taking pictures and trying to stop the kitten from escaping was a difficult task, each time I brought my camera up to my eye, another cat would come along to see what the fuss was about, or the kitten would turn the wrong way!

Here is my favorite picture, his name is Peachy. I know its not a technically correct photograph, but I like it. remember to click the picture to view larger size

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Its Raining AGAIN

Posted by MWPA on April 21, 2008

Last night we were under a tornado watch (that means the weather is perfect of tornado’s, but none sighted in the local area) and today we are under a flood watch. This weather is depressing, bring back the sun we had last week.

Sharon arrives on Saturday from England so I am hoping the weather forecast is wrong and we wont be having a week of rain. I wanted to take her sightseeing and get practice in with my new camera.

This picture is of Danny, he is one of the cats at the shelter, he is so friendly, and relaxed, he will happily lay down any where for a snooze-even in the middle of the floor where everyone walks. He is going to be The Cat Corners ‘cat of the month’ for May. each month we focus of one cat and hope to get them adopted.

I didn’t sleep very well last night, Will is poorly and was very restless, I think he has a bug and a cold all combined. Every time he got up I woke up. A thunder storm also woke me up, and Mellow at 6.30 because that’s when Will should have got up, and Mellow likes to make sure he is not oversleeping! Will came home from work just after 12 and went straight to bed, hopefully some good rest will help him. i offered to go to the store and get him some chicken noodle soup, but he said left over pot roast from yesterday was fine-which Im glad about as its raining and muddy outside.

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Sad News

Posted by MWPA on April 17, 2008

Sunshine ame to the shelter with her sister Daisy, after their elderly owner became sick and fell into a coma (unlikely to recover) no one really knows how long they were left alone, but we assume they may have been forgotten about for some time as both cats were underweight and sad looking. They were 6 years old and extremely friendly.

Unfortunately sunshine kept loosing weight and refused to eat, force feeding was even unsuccessful and she lost weight really fast, a trip to the vet two weeks after arrive at the shelter revealed she had was dying most likely from cancer and her body was shutting down. she was so light weight when curled up on my lap it was hard to feel that she was there. Sunshine was put to sleep last Tuesday.

This is a picture of Sunshine curled up on my lap.

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