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    Welcome to my new blog, I decided that I would change to Posts dated before March 27, 2008 are imported from my old blogger site. I was looking for a blog that is easily navigated around, and simple to update, I love the layout I can have here, with 2 side bars and tabs at the top for different subjects. I currently have an about me tab and a photography tab, Ill be looking to add recipes, and craft ideas shortly, so check back in to see what’s new regularly!
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Whats Up Virginia?

Posted by MWPA on August 8, 2008

Well once again I have been very busy, I have been working 5 days a week at Best Buy, an dI am becoming quite competant at knowing the procedures rules. I made it through one of the busiest sales weekends, (tax free weekend) which was deffinatly tiring, but I learnt lots of new things.

On Sunday we took advantage of the tax free weekend and bought a new computer for the den-the old one was starting to have to many problems, and a new laptop for Will-his laptop wouldn’t even hold power when it was plugged in! My new computer has a nice 22inch screen which is great for viewing photos and there is lots of space for storing photographs.  We also bought a small Nikon coolpix camera-the S210, which seems nice. It is mainly for Will so he can take it places and fit it in his pocket as really my camera is to bulky for some places.

I have set up my old monitor next to the new monitor so I can work on two windows at once, it makes it easier if I am following an edditing tutorial or even if I am talking to someone on a messaging program while surfing the internet, both computers are hooked up to the same CPU, and its really easy to configure the settings to do this.

The other morning I got up and went to use the bathroom and as usual Mellow followed me in there, but instead of pestering me to turn the tap on so he could drink from the bath tub he sat in the bath, and well…took a bath!

Mellow is definitely annoyed that He is being left alone, as soon as one of us gets home, even if he has only been alone for 4 or 5 hours he meows and rubs against us. So when I am home I make sure I play with him lots to help tire him out. he follows me more now too, always bringing his toy for me to play with.

This is what he is doing right now-just staring at me waiting for me to talk to him, and when I say Mellow, or anything else he meows at me, most of our friends find him very funny.

Wil and I have just finished Season seven of That 70’s show, we have one season left to watch, Its a nice show becasue its so simple to watch and doesnt take much brain power to follow the story line. On TV we are watching the second season of Burn notice which is really good. we both like that show alot. Will and I have almost the exact same taste in moviesand shows, although i like a good chickflick once in a while, and for obvious reasons, he does not enjoy those so much!

Well time to vacuum I think, today I go to work at 4 and finish at 1030, so I have to make the most of the day, I have bread in the bread maker, and I have cleaned the kitchen, now vacuuming and bathroom to go!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend….


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Huge Green Bug

Posted by MWPA on June 30, 2008

This morning Mellow was going crazy at the window, when I looked I saw this big green bug that is about three inches long and its antea are almost five inches long! Thankfullt it was on the outside of the window!

I think its a kind of grass hopper, Its the first time I have seen one of this colour, and so distinctly shaped like a leaf, here are 3 pictures of it, including one with Mellow in it, so you get an idea of the size…

If you click and zoom in on the picture the details are kinda cool.

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Vampire Cat

Posted by MWPA on April 21, 2008

This is one of the cats that lives at the cat shelter I volunteer at, he has really long teeth, so I made a ‘lol catz’ picture from him.

A lol cat picture is a funny picture of a cat with an equally funny caption written in the cat language. lol stands for Laugh Out Loud.

Click the picture to see it bigger

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Freezing time at Grand Central

Posted by MWPA on February 5, 2008

Following a link on a website brought me to this rather interesting video, participants were asked to ‘freeze’ for five minutes all at the same time in this large railway station.

It seems that this group ‘Improv everywhere’ regularly get together and cause confusion and laughter in public places, there MP3 experiment was pretty funny too, it can be found on the missions page on the website.

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The Cat Alarm

Posted by MWPA on October 30, 2007

I think many cat owners can identify with this!

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