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    Welcome to my new blog, I decided that I would change to Posts dated before March 27, 2008 are imported from my old blogger site. I was looking for a blog that is easily navigated around, and simple to update, I love the layout I can have here, with 2 side bars and tabs at the top for different subjects. I currently have an about me tab and a photography tab, Ill be looking to add recipes, and craft ideas shortly, so check back in to see what’s new regularly!
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Work today…

Posted by MWPA on April 15, 2009

When I am at work I enjoy what I do, but as I have had four days off in a row, I have very little motivation to go to work this evening, especially as it is only a 5 and half hour shift. At least today the weather is dull so I dont feel like I am missing out on a beautiful day!

I did get up on time (10.30am) and walk my neigbours dog, I then set up a photography blog that will be linked to my website Rachel Clare Photography, The Blog so that i can update potential clients and show them what I am about. I am really trying to think of ways to market my self so I can get more clients which will inturn allow me to build my portfolio.

I cant wait for my business cards to arrive, I ordered them from Moo using my photographs for the image on the card, I also ordered some post cards to see how they turned out, I will be reviewing them once they arrive, and I will add pictures to show you what they look like.


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How to waste time:

Posted by MWPA on March 9, 2009

Today I found a new website called Wonder How To I think this website could keep me amused for hours. This is a video archive of how to videos, learn how to build 3D Origami, grill baby back ribs, or back up purchases on I tunes, everything and anything that you might need to know in the form of video. This is a nicer place than you tube for finding interesting information.

I also discovered a site called Pandora which is a web site that plays advertisement free radio through the internet, all you have to do is type in your favorite song or artist and similar music is streamed directly to your computer. I really quite liked this, much better than the Yahoo radio that I had been listening too.

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Another Plane Crash-and Other News

Posted by MWPA on February 13, 2009

It seems these instances are becoming more and more common, this most recent disaster was a plane crashing into a house in NY, The news reports that everyone on board died, My thoughts are defiantly with those who had friends and family on that flight. Investigation is ongoing to the reason of the crash, but the initial thoughts are that it was ice and bad weather.

A few weeks ago another plane crashed, this time into the Hudson River, this time everyone survives. I would hate to think what would have happened if the plane had not been near the river at the time, most likely it would have landed in a highly populated area, and that could have been disastrous. It is a little worrisome that we are reading about these plane crashes, and of course they are not just happening in America, they are happening all over the world, maybe its time for a BIG inspection of all aircraft, just to be on the safe side?

I am also sad for Australia, the people affected bu the Wildfire which todate as killed 181 people, left people homeless and affecting all the wildlife in the area too. The worst part of this fire, is that the police suspect that the fire was started deliberatly which means this wasnt ‘an act of God’ like a lightening strike to dry bush land, it was caused by us-human beings. If it is determined thta these two people started the fire, I really hope they get a good punishment. I hope that rain makes it way to the fires and surrounding land, to help with the control of the remaining fires.

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A New Camera.

Posted by MWPA on February 12, 2009

001For a while I have been thinking about staking up film photography, you know the kind of photography that doesnt seem to be very common any more, we have defiantly been taken over by a digital age, and with nice film camera’s available at low prices I though I would give it a try.

My forever friend,  Sharon actually inspired,me, she has an old nikon,  that she uses and I like seeing the pictures she makes with it-when she gets round to uploading the scanned prints! HINT HIMT, if you are reading this Sharon!

So I took the plunge on Ebay, I spent $29.52 plus shipping on an Olympus OM-G or an OM-20 depending on what part of the world you are from. The cameras were in production between 1983 and 1987, so I have a camera, that is as around the same age as me, which I find rather cool.004

The camera that I purchased came with an Olympus 50mm 1.8 lens and a Vivtar 70-210 lens which can be used for Macro and Zoom. The lenses are in great condition, there apears to be no dust inside them or the camera, there are a few scuff marks where they may have been dropped, but apart from that the lenses are great. The camera on the other hand has a damaged dial, the dial is cracked and when I change the settings the dial comes off. It is not a big problem as the camera is still functional, but it is a litte irritating, as you can see in the picture.

It certainly was an experience trying to find a manual for this camera on line, and I definatly needed a manual, I had no idea how to open the back of the camera to put a film in-which actually turned out rather easy. I took the camera out on Sunday with a black and white film so I could test everything out, adn I was very happy. It is different having to focus everything yourself, although the split image screen helps greatly with this. The zoom lens was heavy, so I mainly shot withthe 50mm and I got some nice results, I had them developped at Ritz Camera store and the photos look great. I did upload the pictures to my computer through my scanner, but the images lost some quality, I will post a picture of my favourite on eanyway.

The pictures of the camera, I took with my canon 30d, and a couple of continuous lights with a white paper back ground.

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I Had My First Dental Filling Filled-Yikes

Posted by MWPA on February 4, 2009

mellow-0031I have to say, I was terrified, I am always nervous at the dentist, but going in yesterday was worse that normal, as I was having my first ever cavity filled, I believe the cavity was small and not to bad as I had been having no pain or sensitiveness on the tooth, but its always best to get things done before they become a bigger problem, so I found my self going to the dentist and dragging Will along with me.

I checked in at the front desk and waited to be called, my appointment was the first one in the day so I didn’t have to wait long, when they called my name, I grabbed Will and told them he was coming in with me. I told he dental nurse I was nervous, and she said I would be fine-I remember telling her once, but when Will and I talked about the appointment after, apparently I told her 3 or 4 times that I was scared, as I sat in the chair I was almost in tears, and after the appointment Will said he could see the fear in my eyes. The nurse asked me to open my mouth and then quickly shoved a bubblegum flavor topical ointment that was on a cotton bud into my mouth above the tooth that was being filled-this was the numbing stuff, which tasted just like hubu bubu bubble gum-I don’t recommend you taste by sticking your tongue on it like I did though, as I soon lost the feeling of the part of my tongue that touched it!

Once the dentist came in-who looked like he had just finished high school and was younger than me, I lay back and close my eyes, as I did not want to see any thing else.  The injection came next-the injecting took a while, It was one needle of which I felt the prick-which was not painful, and the dentist pushed on my gum, in a massaging kind of way to direct it. It was an odd sensation. after the injection both he and the dental nurse went out the room, so the injection of local anesthetic could numb me up. I was very glad Will was in the room at this time as I had been expecting the area around my tooth to go numb-actually it was my whole top lip, my cheek, my right side of my nose all the way up to my eye that went numb, and my lip got swollen above the injection site.-I think the numbness actually was more scary than the drilling.

Like I said earlier I kept my eyes closed so I did not see any of the equipment, I heard different noises, and felt pressure at different times, but nothing hurt or was uncomfortable. I heard the dentist ask the nurse for different things-air to be blown on the tooth to dry the tooth and the filling, the light to be adjusted, and for various tools to be passed to him.

My face stayed numb for about three hours, about an hour after the injection the feeling my face was twitching, as the feeling came back, the area around my eye came back first and then my nose, and the rest followed, I was surprised at the amount of my face that was numbed, but I would much rather be numb everywhere than to feel any pain.

The whole experience was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I started my appointment at 8am and was out the door at 8.35am, I know my procedure was routine to them and the cavity was small, but for me this was definitely something out of the ordinary, and not something i want to have done again anytime soon.

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Comfort Food

Posted by MWPA on January 26, 2009

Carrot SoupCarrot soup is my ultimate comfort food. It is packed full of carroty goodness, carrots have been proven to help prevent heart disease, the Beta Carotene rich vegetable helps fight against cancerand macular degeneration which is an eye disease, it really does help improve your night vision with the vitamin A. It is said that  a carrot a day reduces the risk of a stroke my 68% and for diabetics, carotenoids help reduce blood sugar.

When ever my throat starts to hurt, or my nose gets stuffy I make a nice big batch of carrot soup to help me feel better quicker. Of course I don’t just save it for sick days, I actually eat this yummy soup all year round! Carrot soup is very easy to make, with very basic ingredients that keeps the cost down. I love my carrot soup with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top. you can view a bigger picture by clicking on the image to the left.

Here is my carrot soup recipe:

1 tbsp butter

2 cups freshly cut carrots

1 small (ish) Onion

1 1/2 tbsp plain flour

1 1/2 cups milk

2 1/2 cups of water

3 chicken boullion/stock cubes

Melt the butter in a large heavy saucepan, chop the onion and added to the melted butter. keep the butter and onion on low heat with the pan covered, chop the carrots, when you have 2 cups worth add carrots to the onion and butter, cover and allow to sweat on low heat until the carrots begin to soften, make sure you stir the ingredients often. Once the carrots are tender stir in the flour to absorb the juices-this will help your soup thicken too. Add the milk and water, bring the whole thing to a boil and add the three buillon cubes. keep the pan simerring for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once the carrots are nice and soft, take the soup of the heat and allow to cool slightly. Place in a blender, and blend until the soup is smooth. serve imidiatly or re heat when needed. top with cheader cheese for an extra kick.

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Picture of the day is….

Posted by MWPA on January 23, 2009

MellowMellow! (click to see it larger.

Yesterday I went to the dollar stor to buy some props that I could use with my photography,as I am trying to practice and get better with my lighting skills, I also wanted to get some props suitable for my valentines day project. I chose to go to the Dollar Tree because they  are cheap, and I figured there must be some things they sell there that I could use. Well I ended up spending just about $8.00 and came away with 3 bunches of flowers, some valentines day candies, a vase and some pebles to fill the vase and some hearts on sticks. After visiting te Dollar Tree I went toi the next store along which is Ben Franklins craft store,I always find the store a little pricy but I knew the sold fabric and I wanted to see if they had anything suitable for a background. I ended up choosing 3 yrds of mottled blue material that makse quite a nice background.

The pictures that I took were using my camera-a 30d and the nifty fifty lens-named that because it is cheap and neat, it is the Canon 50mm 1.8, I love how sharp this $80 lens is, and I use it alot. I attached my external flash the 430exii and pointed the flash to the cieling so Mellow wouldnt get the red eye effect but he would still be lit nicely. The flowers came out so bright and colourful, I think this may be my favourite picture of the year-yes I know its only January!

I am going to try and take a picture a day from this point on, so that I can get more cresative with the things I have aailable, even if its just things outside my appartment, I really want to push my creativity, as I feel that my photography lacks the wow factor.

I am also going to push myself to learn a forighn languarge, We have a Rosetta Stone CD which was given to Will and I, so I really want to try and learn some Spanish-especially as it is spoken so widly accross the world.I am not sure how well I will do, as I have never been good at getting the accents correct, but I guess practice makes perfect. Even if I get a couple of ‘lessons’ in before work, eventually the language has to start sinking in, hasnt it?

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Today is…

Posted by MWPA on January 22, 2009

Abstract natureA house work day, I have decided I want to spring clean-even though its not quite spring yet. I want to rearange the craft room, to utalise the space in there, as it is a small room , and with all my junk in it, it feels alot smaller! If I get all the spring cleaning doe, I am going to go to the dollar store and see if I can pick up some valentine day props for my photography prject and maybe stop in at the craft store next door and buy some fabrics for back grounds.

Its quite a cold day today, although not as cold as it was last night,the sun is shining, which makes it feel a tiny bit warmer than it really is. I am looking forward to the spring weather, when I can go out side with just a hoodie and jeans on, and be plenty warm enough taking pictures-right now, my hands may freeze to the camera when I am outside!

Todays picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at Sandy Bottom Nature Park I focused on the branches and let the water go out of focus-this kind of out of focus is called Bokeh. The lighter spots are the suns reflection on the water, I like how the branches have a tiny bit of light high lighting them.

Well I supose I must stop wasting ime by blogging and get to work on this cleaning frenzie that is going to be done, I am going to turn the music up loud, sing and dance while I clean!

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Dentist… and chicken stew with dumplings.

Posted by MWPA on January 6, 2009

003aSo I had my six monthly dentist check up today  and it seems that one of my teeth is becoming ‘soft’ so they want to fill it! the thought of going to the dentist scares so much-last time I made Will come along with me-this time I went alone-my dental hygienist knows I am terrified and is very nice to me. I have to go back another day for my filling appointment-and Will is coming with me, as the thought of the needles in my gum and drilling and filling, scares me-It probably is just the unknown that makes me nervous, but still-I am not very happy about the idea. My dentist is also talking me into getting my wisdom teeth removed-even though they are not causing me problems, he says that later in life I may get an over crowded jaw. I am still undecided if I will make an appointment soon for the wisdom teeth.

As my appointment was at 9am I decided to go back to bed when I got home, I intended just to sleep for a couple of hours, but some how my couple of hours turned into a full sleep and I re-woke at 2pm. I tidied the kitchen, walked Turk-the neighbors dog and tried to decide what to eat for dinner. I ended up boiling some chicken and then pulling it. ( I find this makes the chicken last more than one meal, as it appears like there is more chicken than there actually is.) I sauteed some onion and carrot in my new cast iron ceramic covered sauce pan, added some chicken stock, potatoes and then the pulled chicken and ended up with chicken soup/stew, using some pre-made refridgerated busicuits that I cut into quaters, I made a quick dumpling and simmered the whole mix until we were ready to eat. When we ate, it was yummy, and just what we needed as the weather was damp and cold today.

And now for the rest of the evening, I have some cleaning and tidying to catch up on, and of course I have to eat the cookie that I just pulled out of the oven!!

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I am Awake

Posted by MWPA on December 15, 2008

Will came back from Ohio last night, Him and his parents decided to drive down together, the drive was 10 hours which was quicker than expected.  They are staying with us and have our bedroom, while Will and I have the Blow-up, which is big and comfy-except Will put to much air into it and it was as hard as a rock to start with! Although they are hear, Will and I are both working this week, my hours are better than his in a way as I start work later in the day which means we can do stuff in the day. Although today it seems everyone is rather sleepy, and until Will decides to get up I have to stay in the craft room or the kitchen as I don’t want to wake him up!

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