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How to Make a Logo or Watermark in Photoshop Elements

Posted by MWPA on June 8, 2008

Today I found out you can make paintbrush patterns in Photoshop Elements (I have version 4) when you make a pattern you can add it to the list of paint brushes and use as you wish. For me this makes watermarking my photographs a lot easier.

My simple steps for creating a new brush:

  1. Choose a pattern or font for your new brush
  2. Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select your design
  3. Choose Edit from the top tool bar, and then click define brush
  4. Choose a name for your brush
  5. The new brush will be at the bottom of the brush list ready to use.

One Response to “How to Make a Logo or Watermark in Photoshop Elements”

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